Coping with Sales Frustration during LOCKDOWN

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Coping with Sales Frustration during LOCKDOWN – How-to Work from Home

  • Elevator Pitch
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  • 7-Steps to the Sales Process


Book Recommendations: The Little Black Book of Scripts
Stephen Schiffman “Cold Calling Techniques that really work!”

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By Definition, she is Columbia Chiropractic

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Alicja Czaplinska DC is the definition of Columbia Chiropractic. She exemplifies the principles of Columbia, the James Rouse inspired “Planned City.”

Here is the definition from Wikipedia:

Columbia is a planned community comprising 10 self-contained villages, located in Howard CountyMaryland. It began with the idea that a city could enhance its residents’ quality of life. Creator and developer James W. Rouse saw the new community in terms of human values, rather than merely economics and engineering. Opened in 1967, Columbia was intended to not only eliminate the inconveniences of then-current subdivision design, but also eliminate racial, religious, and class segregation

And the definition of Chiropractic (from the Cleveland Chiropractic College):

HELPING PEOPLE LEAD LONGER, MORE ACTIVE LIVES …With a wide age range of patients and a whole body approach to wellness, the job outlook for chiropractors is very positive.

The Cleveland chiropractic education places importance on the science of the structure and function of the human body, blended with a philosophy for a hands-on approach to health and natural healing. It is a holistic approach to health care. Our teachings focus on the importance of spinal function and its relationship to the nervous system and good health. We emphasize that the body is a self-regulating and self-healing organism. Our goal is to use spinal and extremity adjusting techniques, along with advice regarding diet, exercise and positive lifestyle choices, to help the body help itself.

Dr. Czaplinska focuses on the principles of James Rouse’s vision by enhancing the quality of life of each of her patients and follows the teachings of Cleveland Chiropractic College by helping people lead longer and more active lives.

As her patient and her friend I admire what she has done to incorporate the two philosophies into one as with Columbia Chiropractic.

The perfect gift for “HIM”

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partial_picture_of_the_red_gift_box_170099My husband, Don, and I have been married a few years now so, of course, it’s so easy for us to figure out what we want to give one another for Christmas, right? Huh! Heck no! We are having more challenges deciding this year than ever before.

The biggest thing I can say about Don is that he loves his job and travels in his work vehicle ( a pickup truck) quite a bit.  That and he has terrible low back pain and sciatica. I’ve tried to give him a few gifts related to pain relief every year, but to no avail. It doesn’t seem to do the trick.

A few years ago when we were at a trade show for my works as a social media marketing consultant and website marketing manager we met a wonderful woman who HAS been the perfect gift for Don’s aching back!

We met Alicja Czaplinska DC, chiropractic specialist at the Women’s Expo in Catonsville, MD and at has made all of the difference for Don. He sees the chiropractic specialist, Dr C as often as he can for regular adjustments, electric stimulation and the ever-popular: massage table. When he visits her regularly, about twice each week, it makes a marked difference in everything he does from work, to enjoying play time with our adorable shih tzus Ellie, Casey and Danger.

Dr C has also been instrumental in helping me with a chronic and probably congenital TMJ issue I’ve had since high school. I was having migraines and they were coming more and more often, but seeking Alicja Czaplinska DC chiropractic specialist once each week has alleviated my pain, increased the time between migraines and made everything easier because I’m not always on the verge of a crippling migraine.

Do you want to live near the water in Maryland?

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The dream to live on the water will only come true with residual income. I’m so blessed to understand how residual, ongoing income can change my life. I was educated about the dire impact having money rolling into my household by my Mentor: Brenda Graham. I’m delighted to share how she has educated and mentored me into a better business owner and a wiser consultant for my own clients.

Your own hardships are hurdles that seem insurmountable, but mentors and coaches can help you to see over those tough times so that a gorgeous waterfront home can be in your own [near] future.

Oh my! That’s my dream! Living right next to the water in Maryland. All of the advantages of the waterfront lifestyle and the beauty of all four seasons, too. I can’t say enough about how much I love being a hometown Marylander and having the wonderful activities of the water lifestyle all around me. If you live here or if you’d like to live here, then I highly recommend doing what I do and Ask Amy (Amy Menrad, Realtor) about moving here.

Now, of course, I have the advantage of having lived here my whole life …BUT I was wholly unaware of the wonderful activities available to residents of the Chesapeake Bay area. For example, this weekend is the Maryland Seafood Festival at Sandy Point State Park which sits just adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge off Route 50.

If you would like to know more about why living here is so fantastic, I can only tell you what I love about my happy life. However, if you’d like to learn more from a New York native about why she’s loved living here for over 25 years, then contact Amy. She has a unique and lovely perspective about how living here is different, how it’s wonderful and how love changed here life.

To view Amy Menrad’s featured listings, visit her website, too!
 Amy Menrad’s Featured Listings

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#askamy #askamymenrad #maryland #waterfront #saltlife #seafoodfestival #brendagraham #mentor #coach #successmentor #brendagrahamsuccessmentor #troubledlife #hardtimes #income #residualincome

Live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about

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Live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about. If your bucket list includes living a life of luxury, then watch now. ‪#‎lifestyle‬ ‪#‎golf‬ ‪#‎bucketlist‬ ‪#‎retirementincome‬ Brenda Graham, Success Mentor shares the secrets to finding the RIGHT business for YOU. She listens to you, answers your questions and shows you the best marketing business for you, based on your skills. Don’t make another mistake in the wrong business. Get the answers you need now. Call Brenda at 410-992-3890 or visit her website for more details ‪#‎makemoney‬ #retirementincome ‪#‎supplementalincome‬ #lifestyle #golf ‪#‎mlmsuccess‬ ‪#‎success‬ ‪#‎mentor‬ ‪#‎coach‬ ‪#‎secretsauce‬ ‪#‎newgrad‬ ‪#‎graduation‬ ‪#‎newcollegegrad‬ ‪#‎newhighschoolgrad‬ ‪#‎highschoolgraduation‬ ‪#‎graduationgift‬ ‪#‎collegegraduation‬

When you can’t be there…we can.

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Home With You Senior Care designs a Care Plan specific to your needs. During your visit, we will explain the full array of services available and answer all of your questions. We can begin service with as little as a few hours per week, up to 24/7 and Live-In Care. Serving Baltimore County and Howard County, Maryland. Call now (410) 654-3300 ‪#‎homewithyou‬ ‪#‎seniorcare‬ ‪#‎eldercare‬ ‪#‎dementia‬ ‪#‎alzheimers‬ ‪#‎strokeprevention‬ ‪#‎lonelysenior‬ ‪#‎seniorcitizen‬ ‪#‎caregiverburnout‬ ‪#‎baltimore‬ ‪#‎howardcounty‬ ‪#‎nowhiring‬ ‪#‎caregivers‬

Live the lifestyle

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brenda-headshot-e1412792510734Live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about. If your bucket list includes living a life of luxury, then watch now. #lifestyle #golf #bucketlist #retirementincome Brenda Graham, Success Mentor​ shares the secrets to finding the RIGHT business for YOU. She listens to you, answers your questions and shows you the best marketing business for you, based on your skills. Don’t make another mistake in the wrong business. Get the answers you need now. Call Brenda at 410-992-3890 or visit her website for more details #makemoney #retirementincome #supplementalincome #lifestyle #golf #mlmsuccess #success #mentor #coach #secretsauce #newgrad #graduation #newcollegegrad #newhighschoolgrad #highschoolgraduation #graduationgift #collegegraduation

Want to start your own business?

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Want to Start a Business?

Brenda Graham, Success Mentor, 5LINXWatch this quick video and learn more. Want to start an online business? Want to work from home? Learn the success secrets of the expert business, MLM Queen: Brenda Graham, Success Mentor. This video is the expert business mentor, Brenda Graham’s highly recommended paths to success. Get more information, click here for this website.

I am proud to introduce you to what I believe is the greatest financial opportunity I will see in my lifetime! 5LINX represents a unique opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. By offering a complete training and support system, 5LINX gives you the power to market a wide variety of outstanding services, and earn a residual income stream that can grow month after month, year after year. Find out for yourself what I am so excited about. Click on the “Start a Business” tab at the top of this page to learn more about this one-of-a-kind business.

Are you looking for steps to success? steps to wealth?

Would you like to be creating a dynasty?  Expert business, MLM Queen: Brenda Graham, Success Mentor will share information about home business in her minute tips and will show information in her latest episode of “Make Some Money, Honey!” talk show – watch a recent episode.

Are you wondering:
Why is THIS the right business for me?
Brenda’s answer will astound you!

“When I looked at 5Linx, I could legitimately see myself in an 18 to 24 month period having the disposable income to make my bucket list a reality.” — Brenda Graham
Brenda Graham attended the Convention in January, 2015 and said:

“Never, ever have I seen more ‘regular people’ making so much money.”

What is on your bucket list?


  • Mortgage
  • Special Needs Family Member
  • Household Repairs
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Grandchildren’s Legacy


Testimonial is dedicated to assisting others in their quest for health, wellness and financial success. I have known Mrs. Graham for 15 years and she has been consistent in her desire to help, educate and uplift others. She is a successful entrepreneur with integrity who is a true leader with a mission. Mrs. Graham has been consistent in her delivery of impeccable reliable professional service. She is thorough and speaks from a position of knowledge and discovery. She is very honest and presents information even if there is no benefit to her business. She has unquestionable integrity and has a sincere heart to do what is in the best interest of her client.” [/su_column][/su_row]

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Home with You Senior Care, Baltimore and Howard County

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Home With You Senior CareAngela Propst Founder in Owings Mills, MD specializes in working with families in Baltimore County and Howard County. Home With You Senior Care provides in-home senior care for elderly family members who need more support. They provide 24 hour a day, 7 day a week coverage if necessary.

As a leading senior care company our goal is to ensure a better quality of life for our senior clients and their families, by providing dependable and affordable care.
Most seniors would like to remain in their homes as long as possible with all of the memories of the past. Our focus is to keep you or your loved ones at home, where the heart is, and avoid:
  • loss of friends and possessions
  • loss of independence and freedom
  • loss of spirit which is drained by the battles of daily living
  • depression
Our caring service allows our seniors to maintain as much independence as possible, by providing the appropriate in-home assistance and companionship. In that way we lift spirits not only of seniors, but of the family caregivers as well.

Columbia Chiropractor: Alicja Czaplinska DC

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Don’t know if you heard the ironic story of how DJ and I came to find our Columbia Chiropractor, Alicja Czaplinska DC. It’s ironic to me because of how we met her and began to see her and then became raving fans.

Dr C (Dr Alicja Czaplinska of 1st Choice Chiropractic Center in Columbia MD) was a vendor at a local women’s tradeshow that was being held in Catonsville. She was in the large gymnasium of the local community college along with several other vendors including CEO Space, dentists, doctors, jewelry companies, cosmetics companies and more. Alicja had a table with pamphlets and samples of products, as well as a low-to-the-ground table to lay on so she could do a cursory examination.

DJ, my wonderful husband, had been complaining of low-back pain since we met and had talked about the desire to meet a good, local Columbia Chiropractor. When I saw Dr C at the tradeshow I knew that I couldn’t overwhelm my sweetheart and throw him at her, but I walked toward her and said I’d like an examination. She was kind, gentle and thorough. Dr Czaplinska offered us some great information and then invited us to visit her local Columbia Chiropractic office which is conveniently located off Route 175 near Route 29. We jumped at the chance to have a local medical professional to care for DJ’s back pain.

DJ started visiting her on a weekly basis and that’s when we discovered that our brother-in-law, Steve, had gone to college with Dr Alicja Czaplinska! They had attended Towson together before she went on to Chiropractic School. She had been a family friend all along, but we didn’t know it!!

Then, several months later when DJ and I were driving him to his chiropractic appointment we were in a car accident on Route 175 at Route 108 in Columbia. We were rear-ended and were part of a three car pile up on Route 175 during rush hour. Nothing like a car accident in rush hour! So now I was a patient of Dr C, too! I was relieved that I knew she was knowledgeable and caring, she was thorough and took great care of me…immediately! She also recommended a top-notch law firm to help us with the car accident.

What I like best about being a patient of Dr Alicja Czaplinska is that she jumps right in to take care of her patients and is speedy in her treatment times and will release you when you’re back in good health.

I highly recommend Dr Alicja Czaplinska, Columbia Chiropractor, of 1st Choice Chiropracatic Center.

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