About Julia Flynn and SetterDrive.com


Welcome to SetterDrive.com and Julia Flynn’s blog posting.

Here I’m hoping to tell you my story, well the story of us both: SetterDrive.com and Julia Flynn.

It’s interesting because we’re not one in the same. SetterDrive.com was the brainchild of my sister Laura Pittman and I back in May of 2007 when we were doing a ton of in person networking.

Laura Pittman & Julia Flynn
Laura & Julia

At that time our company, Word of Mouth CPR, was rocking and rolling. Laura Pittman and I were leading two weekly networking meetings for Network Referral Group and sitting on the board for Columbia Business Exchange.

We were visiting other groups, too, like the Auction Committee for the American Heart Association, the Baltimore Business Journal meetings, Constant Contacts’ luncheons and the monthly breakfast meetups for the Business Monthly in Columbia, MD (Howard County, MD), too. Laura and I would constantly be running from meeting to meeting and often times we would be seeing the same people again and again.

What was odd was that no matter how many meetings that Laura and I attended, we would hear the same thing over and over again. (This was before SetterDrive.com existed) We would hear: “Wow, Julia, did you get to that awesome networking event last night.” or “Did you sign up to attend the Chamber of Commerce multi-chamber mixer next week? It’s sold out!”

How crazy is that?! We were attending meetings all over town and we still weren’t getting to all of the best ones.

What Laura Pittman and I decided was simple: let’s create a calendar, an event list, where anyone can go and visit to see where every event is taking place all over town.

SetterDrive.com screenshot
SetterDrive.com screenshot

So, SetterDrive.com was born!


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