Business Cards | do they stop & stare?

When someone gives you their business card, what do you do?

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Wow, that’s a really nice card?” Or better than that, has anyone ever said that to you?

Has anyone ever asked who designed your card or who printed your card? Have they asked anything at all about your business card?


Really, really think about those questions.

If no one is taking notice of your business card when you place your most valuable (in-person) marketing tool in their hand, then chances are, they won’t remember it, nor will they think twice about it again.

Why does that matter to you?

Did you want to sell them your product or service? Well, they won’t remember you if they don’t remember your card because when it’s back in their office (in a pile of papers or filed in their automated CRM) they certainly won’t be looking for it when the time is right for them to hire you.

Cards that make you say, “Wow!”

Send me some of your faves and I’ll show you some of mine!

Are you interested in getting a stellar design or superb print job? Let me know. I’ve been selling design and printing since 1988 and have lots of neat ideas!


One thought on “Business Cards | do they stop & stare?

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