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Good Morning, All!

Often times I hear: “well, I’ve done my profile on all the sites I can find:, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, everything, BUT what do I say or do to turn these profiles into money?”

Here’s one idea:

Send an email to all of the newest users on the site saying,

” Hi, I’m Julia Flynn. I’ve been here on this great networking community for about 2 years. It’s been a great way for me to meet new networking partners.  As an entreprenuer, this online community has become a terrific way for me to grow my business and I enjoy helping others grow their business, too!
The way I usually learn about other members is to ask a few questions so I have an idea how to help. This is like being at an in-person event and getting to know the other people who have come to learn, grow and expand their reach. 
Below are some questions that will help us to work together:

Who would be a good introduction for you? (who is you top prospect?)
Who do you sell to? (Be as specific as possible, in other words try not to answer with: anyone, I sell to anyone. The more specific you are, then the better I can help you. If you sell medical supplies, that would be a Practice Manager at a medical office)
Who or what type of company helps you the most in getting new business? (for example, if you sell water services to office managers, do copier or coffee sales reps refer to you often?)

If I know who you are looking to meet, perhaps we can work together to grow our businesses.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. Thanks so much for joining our community! Julia Flynn, Business Owner 410-978-8555

Want more tips and ideas? What additional REAL solutions? Let me know! Classes and one-on-one sessions are available: online and in person!
 We specialize in profile creation, online communications and etiquette, increasing ROI (return on investment) in the high tech world and simply helping others.
 Let me know how I can assist YOU!

Julia Flynn, Site Manager & Online Marketing Expert | 410-978-8555


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Realtors: Get special packages for advertising your business or your new listing. Convert more browsers into sales...NOW!Realtors market themselves in more and better ways than most entrepreneurs.
Set yourself apart from the group by marketing ONLINE with a complete and comprehensive package.

Real Estate Agent Package #1 only $299
single page website setup $199 value
unlimited calendar posts for 1 year $100 value
Full color 100 printed fliers or 1000 business cards $98 value
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Real Estate Agent Package #2 only $499
single page website setup $199 value
unlimited calendar posts for 1 month $20 value
Full color 100 printed fliers or 1000 business cards $98 value
Email blast $250 value
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Step 1: Be visible on the Internet
If your broker has a group website, create your own to stand apart from the other agents. Not sure how to do that, no problem! We can help. There are many options for create a unique look.

Create your own website:
Choice 1
: a custom site (click here) that has unlimited potential and for assistance building it, email me for a recommendation

Choice 2
: a custom site that is a bit limited, but is free to build. Check or

Choice 3
: Build your site here on from $199. Unlimited changes and support services. Website is only one page, but is a great launching point. Samples: or click the RATE CARD tab for other samples.

Optimize Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
Recently when working with a real estate agent client we discovered that when you search for her broker’s office on the internet, you are sent to a specific agent’s website. It wasn’t an illegal act this other agent was performing. He simply mastered the system. This smart realtor is a Dual Career Agent and is writing business EVERY month. My client was shocked to discover that this smart competitor in her office was marketing online for FREE.

Would you like to be found when your potential clients are seeking a realtor? can help you. Online marketing support available for an hourly rate, too. Email for details

Get online tips for marketing on search engines!

Step 2: Become an Expert
Step 1: Post Events on the calendar
These do not have to be events or Open Houses that you are sponsoring.
Why would you post other companies’/chambers’ events?
Reason 1: Your profile is featured on the Home Page & in Recent Activity every time you perform an activity on the website. (An excellent example of this is Pat Hiban or Creig Northrop. In both cases these agents have become household names by being visible to the public)

Reason 2: You become an EXPERT to others in the field. People (customers) will come to you for your expert advice.

Step 2: Email other Community Members
Simply send a quick email to other Community Members introducing yourself and asking about their experiences online, on or their business.

Treat the online world as you would the off line world and network.

Step3: Ask for advice
To become an expert, starting asking for help and advice from other experts. Amazingly enough when you allow others to offer information the expert thinks you are the smartest person around. To be the expert you don’t have to be a “know it all!”

Step 3: Thank everyone!
Gratitude is the best introductory statement in many cases. For example, thank you for taking the time to read this information. Send a note, send an email, make a quick phone call: but thank everyone for their service.

Step 4: Be the professional
Professionalism is the key to earning new business. Everyone wants to be associated with the BEST agent and the BEST brokerage. No one wants to take the risk of marketing their home with a mediocre agent. If your marketing materials (your business card and stationary) is less than professional then your prospects will think the same of you. Printed Letterhead packages start in price at $98.

Business cards are the MOST IMPORTANT tool aside from your website. Professionally designed and printed business cards are only $98 for 1000 full color cards. Advice about colors, fonts, logos, pictures, etc are available. Always ask for detailed ideas and examples of top quality work from your designer/printer.
You want your prospects to say, “Wow!” when they see your card, not just put it into their pocket. The prospect should want to work with you just by reviewing your business cards. For more information, click here.