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BBJ Biz Growth Expo | Huge success! |

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Gratitude is all I (representing feel for the wonderful Nicole Howell and Christine Feldhaus at the Baltimore Business Journal.

The event this morning from 8am to Noon at the Hunt Valley Marriott in Hunt Valley, MD was a terrific success for me, and other business professionals seeking to build their businesses in these tenuous economic times by attending hot networking events in the area.

Nicole and Christine were especially attentive and made me feel right at home this morning at 6:45am when I arrived at the Marriott to set-up my tradeshow table for The ladies were helpful in finding my name tag, my table (they looked for my space on the directory and took me to my table), my electricity hook-up and even the coffee.

Equally impressive was the hotel staff and service (at the Hunt Valley Marriott). Not only were they helpful and friendly, but the spread they laid for the show was delish! The fruit and sticky pastries were fresh and plentiful (perfect word for Thanksgiving time!) I was really surprised that the banquet was out for the entire event and was far from scarce. The Marriott really takes pride in their continental breakfast!

So what about the networking?

Well, as you all know there can be a few sourpusses in every crowd, but they just have a bit more to learn about networking and proper etiquette. I’m sure they were nervous and  uncomfortable with the whole idea of making new friends. They’ll get it!

What I can say is that I met some incredibly exciting new people! I was totally impressed with the geographical region that this show covered, probably because it was farther north than most shows I’ve attended, but the number of folks from the PA line was terrific! I’m really looking forward to seeing the attendees listing.

Personally, I’d like to thank Rozzie Brilliant, Brilliant Payment Solutions, for lending a hand and her name! She had said yesterday that “I was a godsend!” and I can’t thank her enough for that! Not only did she say that, but Rozzie (who has a great track record for putting business professionals in touch with their much desired leads) also helped me meet & greet visitors to the tradeshow table. She was on hand to offer her endorsement, all the while networking and sharing with new faces! Thanks so much, Rozzie!

Secondly, thanks go to Bonnie Gerlach. Bonnie and I have known each other since high school when we were in drama club together and through the magic of FaceBook, we reconnected. Bonnie was the Center Director for a local Sylvan Learning Center for years and years but with the economy has been looking for a new and exciting opportunity. The really cool thing that Bonnie did today that I have to thank her for, is that she sat at the table and helped me promote and even packed up the table at the end of the show. I can’t say how nice it is to have a friend who helps! Thanks Bonnie!

I’d also like to give a “shout out” to some terrific old friends who I really was glad to see today: Ken Rochon and Patrick Ahern of Perfect Networker, as well as Mike Weiner of NRG, Jerry of BBJ, Mia Reed of Mobile CarWash and Detail, Jonathan Passley of PDR Web Solutions, John Kinney, Joelle Kosmin , Karl Hunt, 
Rich Dougan and so many other wonderful folks!

Thanks, too to new contacts like: Louis Chernock, Marie Kirwin, Paulette Campanella, Chuck Lurie (who I met in person for the first time!), Murray Schwartzman, Ben Sigman, Kisha Matthews, Jennifer Ambrose, Austin Duncan, Justin Pettit, Carol Adgerson, Art Sanchez of Suntrust, Michael Medick of Sagacity UD, Denise Kramer-Buchman, Terry Brown, MBA, Nancy Meeder, Paul Handakas, Guy Dunn, Roger L. Wolfe, Attorney, Melissa Scholtes, Cassandra Clarke-Williams of Glamour Girl Invitations, Zach of PRZach and so many, many more!  


Online Marketing Ideas |

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Good Morning, All!

Often times I hear: “well, I’ve done my profile on all the sites I can find:, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, everything, BUT what do I say or do to turn these profiles into money?”

Here’s one idea:

Send an email to all of the newest users on the site saying,

” Hi, I’m Julia Flynn. I’ve been here on this great networking community for about 2 years. It’s been a great way for me to meet new networking partners.  As an entreprenuer, this online community has become a terrific way for me to grow my business and I enjoy helping others grow their business, too!
The way I usually learn about other members is to ask a few questions so I have an idea how to help. This is like being at an in-person event and getting to know the other people who have come to learn, grow and expand their reach. 
Below are some questions that will help us to work together:

Who would be a good introduction for you? (who is you top prospect?)
Who do you sell to? (Be as specific as possible, in other words try not to answer with: anyone, I sell to anyone. The more specific you are, then the better I can help you. If you sell medical supplies, that would be a Practice Manager at a medical office)
Who or what type of company helps you the most in getting new business? (for example, if you sell water services to office managers, do copier or coffee sales reps refer to you often?)

If I know who you are looking to meet, perhaps we can work together to grow our businesses.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. Thanks so much for joining our community! Julia Flynn, Business Owner 410-978-8555

Want more tips and ideas? What additional REAL solutions? Let me know! Classes and one-on-one sessions are available: online and in person!
 We specialize in profile creation, online communications and etiquette, increasing ROI (return on investment) in the high tech world and simply helping others.
 Let me know how I can assist YOU!

Julia Flynn, Site Manager & Online Marketing Expert | 410-978-8555

Realtor Marketing | Online Marketing Success |

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Realtors: Get special packages for advertising your business or your new listing. Convert more browsers into sales...NOW!Realtors market themselves in more and better ways than most entrepreneurs.
Set yourself apart from the group by marketing ONLINE with a complete and comprehensive package.

Real Estate Agent Package #1 only $299
single page website setup $199 value
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Real Estate Agent Package #2 only $499
single page website setup $199 value
unlimited calendar posts for 1 month $20 value
Full color 100 printed fliers or 1000 business cards $98 value
Email blast $250 value
Email to discuss details

Step 1: Be visible on the Internet
If your broker has a group website, create your own to stand apart from the other agents. Not sure how to do that, no problem! We can help. There are many options for create a unique look.

Create your own website:
Choice 1
: a custom site (click here) that has unlimited potential and for assistance building it, email me for a recommendation

Choice 2
: a custom site that is a bit limited, but is free to build. Check or

Choice 3
: Build your site here on from $199. Unlimited changes and support services. Website is only one page, but is a great launching point. Samples: or click the RATE CARD tab for other samples.

Optimize Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
Recently when working with a real estate agent client we discovered that when you search for her broker’s office on the internet, you are sent to a specific agent’s website. It wasn’t an illegal act this other agent was performing. He simply mastered the system. This smart realtor is a Dual Career Agent and is writing business EVERY month. My client was shocked to discover that this smart competitor in her office was marketing online for FREE.

Would you like to be found when your potential clients are seeking a realtor? can help you. Online marketing support available for an hourly rate, too. Email for details

Get online tips for marketing on search engines!

Step 2: Become an Expert
Step 1: Post Events on the calendar
These do not have to be events or Open Houses that you are sponsoring.
Why would you post other companies’/chambers’ events?
Reason 1: Your profile is featured on the Home Page & in Recent Activity every time you perform an activity on the website. (An excellent example of this is Pat Hiban or Creig Northrop. In both cases these agents have become household names by being visible to the public)

Reason 2: You become an EXPERT to others in the field. People (customers) will come to you for your expert advice.

Step 2: Email other Community Members
Simply send a quick email to other Community Members introducing yourself and asking about their experiences online, on or their business.

Treat the online world as you would the off line world and network.

Step3: Ask for advice
To become an expert, starting asking for help and advice from other experts. Amazingly enough when you allow others to offer information the expert thinks you are the smartest person around. To be the expert you don’t have to be a “know it all!”

Step 3: Thank everyone!
Gratitude is the best introductory statement in many cases. For example, thank you for taking the time to read this information. Send a note, send an email, make a quick phone call: but thank everyone for their service.

Step 4: Be the professional
Professionalism is the key to earning new business. Everyone wants to be associated with the BEST agent and the BEST brokerage. No one wants to take the risk of marketing their home with a mediocre agent. If your marketing materials (your business card and stationary) is less than professional then your prospects will think the same of you. Printed Letterhead packages start in price at $98.

Business cards are the MOST IMPORTANT tool aside from your website. Professionally designed and printed business cards are only $98 for 1000 full color cards. Advice about colors, fonts, logos, pictures, etc are available. Always ask for detailed ideas and examples of top quality work from your designer/printer.
You want your prospects to say, “Wow!” when they see your card, not just put it into their pocket. The prospect should want to work with you just by reviewing your business cards. For more information, click here.

small talk is big money |

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Small talk is big money. Chitchat is cash. Gab is golden!

If you’re online doing the “soc net” thing. Then you know that you can’t just jump in on Twitter or FB or and start asking for business. You gotta start with some level of small talk. You have to connect or re-connect with people in an appropriate way.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about making contacts that have meaning. Contacts that will actually yield results. Results can of course mean new clients, but I’m referring to anything including friendship.

Think cocktail party or a business card swap. If you were at a party would actually do the things you’re doing online? Or would you be so fearful? Or would you refuse invitations? Would you follow through on what you said you were going to do?

Example #1
You’re at a really swanky art gallery opening, chardonnay in hand. Is it odd if someone walks up to you and says, “Hi. I think we have a mutual friend. Mary Johnson. She and I went to school together and it looks like you know her, too.”

That is perfectly acceptable.

I can easily say, “Yes! I know Mary! We play tennis.” or “Nope, sorry, I don’t, but tell me about yourself. What are you doing here at this great art opening?”

Example #2
“I can’t go talk to that lady! I haven’t been properly introduced.”
say no more…that says it all

For goodness sakes! You’re on a social networking site. Saying hello here is like saying hello at a business card exchange. It’s expected.

Again: it’s expected.

Example #3
You’re out with friends at lunch. One of your friends says, “Hey, let’s leave here and go play some golf” or “when you’re finished your salad, let’s

…stale bread is not a crouton…stale websites are not marketing tools |

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“Gosh mom, this bread is so cheap and it’s in this special bin. We should buy it instead of the fresh bread!”

I distinctly remember that conversation as a little girl at the A&P in Arbutus, MD. I remember what Mom said:

“Julia, it’s cheaper because it’s going to go bad soon. It won’t taste good in your lunch box. I’ll have to throw it away. It’s not a good value even thought the price is lower, the cost is higher.  It won’t even be good enough for croutons on our salad.”

Mom was right.

Now I’m all grown up with a baby of my own. My company, my career, my livelihood. I work more than 14 hours a day to help nurture and love my beautiful baby. I do everything for her.

At this point in the economy, I’m morphing my ideas so I can keep this beautiful little bundle of joy alive. [ is a good example]

Should I sustain my baby with outdated marketing and stale websites? Or should my child, my business, thrive with cutting edge technology and sparkling clean materials?

Stale bread is not a crouton…stale websites are not marketing tools.

One thing |

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NOTE: If you want to know what to do to boost your business during a recession. Visit and follow the example of companies like McDonald’s, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nike, Domino’s and Macy’s.


But for now, let’s talk about why you don’t have any new clients:


Dear Laura & Julia,

I’m scared.

Money is getting tighter and tighter. I’ve been spending my days trying so hard to figure out what to do.

I have memberships on every website I can find:, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo… but I don’t see the point! I’ve been wondering what to do with all of these social networking sites, webinars and tidbits of information.

I bought a full page ad in the yellow pages. I’ve even been running sale ads in the newspapers. My 5 page website is still up, but no one goes there and no one has bought from me online in 7 months!

Am I just wasting my time? How do I make money?!

How can I keep up with updates, tweets, blogs, comments, new profile pics…and better yet, why would I want to?

I’m struggling to make ends meet, how am I going to meet payroll?…and how can I justify “playing” online with these websites. Where are all the new clients? For that matter, what happened to my old faithful clientele?

There was a time, not so long ago that I could call on my clients and they would have business for me.

What am I going to tell my family when I can’t afford to pay the mortgage and I can’t figure what to do? I’ve read “Who Moved My Cheese?” But I can’t find the cheese!

I need money and answers fast! This morning I actually wondered if I should redo my resume and look for a new job, but that’s a joke. No one is hiring.

Please HELP! I don’t know what to do.


Totally Confused on the East Coast


How we responded:

Dear Totally Confused,

The reality is you’re doing the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

Let me take a guess at what you did:

When your business started to decline, you invested in a big ad campaign in the yellow pages or in the newspaper. It was expensive, but you figured it was worth it. After all, it’s an ad plus a “single page” website. But is it?

You have been doing expensive advertising when you knew in your gut that wasn’t a good idea.

Then, you created your own website on one of those freebie websites. It looks unprofessional or worse you can’t even make any corrections, plus it’s totally out of date. The prices are wrong, the names and photos are wrong…it’s too embarrassing to show anyone.

FINALLY, you lowered your prices to “be more competitive.” You’ve been accepting less than you are worth because you were afraid you wouldn’t have any clients. You let someone else decide your worth and now you are paying the price.

So now let me guess, you can’t afford to pay your suppliers, and now you’re blaming the very advertising mediums for “making you do it.”

And when they say, “but you signed the agreement.” You panic more and start the cycle again.

NEXT… you to tell your accountant and staff that “against better judgement,” you’ve signed up with a marketing company and you wonder why they complain.

Now you’re wondering why your once dedicated clients and staff are running for the hills and why they don’t want to be with your company anymore. You’re wondering why you’re more broke than ever and have less time with your family and friends.

You’re so stressed that your family is concerned for your health and you don’t know where to turn.

Now that you can see this “fairy tale” you can see that this has the same effect as your present actions and beliefs.

Are you with me?

Good. Let’s do something about it.

Let’s try a new way of thinking, because always doing the same thing will always get you the same results: broke.

If your clients came to you with a challenge for you to solve and you told them to continue the same behavior, what would they say? They’d say, but I’m doing that without results. Right?

If your children came to you and said, “every time I do the same thing I get the same result.” What would you say? You’d say, try something new. Right?

So that’s what we’re telling you, too.

Try something new.

Thought #1: Your marketing materials show your clientele who you are and represent you. Would you trust your commercial banker to fix your drain? Would you trust your auto mechanic to do your year end taxes? Then why would you trust yourself to be your own website designer?

Thought #2: Newspapers and phone books are going out of business everyday because no one reads them. So why are you paying them to advertise your business?

Thought #3: If you’re not getting results and earning from your website and your profiles, why not consider asking an expert for some expert advice.

This is all true.

What did Albert Einstein say?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result.”

Are you doing that, too? Let’s do something new.

Check out for some terrific ideas. For a solid solution, email me now.

We can help.

Email me now. Let’s get you out of the insanity trap and into making some money.


Julia Flynn & Laura Pittman

Co-Managers of

referred to you |

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what do you think of this letter?


Good Afternoon,
I was referred to you by a specialist who
suggested that you know someone interested in:

  • increasing your patient base by 10 new patients per week
  • earning an additional $150 per patient
  • a more effective and easier system that increases retention from the average 70% to 91.5%

I don’t want to impose, but if you were wondering how to earn more or increase traffic to
your practice, then this may be for you.

You’re probably wondering why a specialist would want to help you grow your practice. Well,
specialists rely on your referrals to grow their practices, so it helps them to help you!

Why us? Word of Mouth is a 6 year old marketing firm in Maryland. We specialize
in helping dental practices to grow and we’re looking to get honest feedback
on a new dental website program we’ve developed.

We need your help.

These websites have helped many area dental practices, but we want to confirm that:

  1. the site meets the patients needs
  2. the site helps the doctors and staff to be more productive
  3. the site helps the practices become more profitable

In 20 minutes we show you the features and benefits. Then you give us your honest opinion. Just reply to this email.

Honesty is the priority.

When you review the features of the site, you receive
Million Dollar Secrets for Getting 70 New Patients Per Month, absolutely free. (by email)
This list of secrets will help you to make your own practice thrive!

To get your copy of Million Dollar Secrets for Getting 70 New Patients Per Month, absolutely free,
all you have to do is reply to this email…
We will email you and schedule your 20 minute, telephone/internet appointment.

It’s that easy! Just reply to this email now.

Julia Flynn & Laura Pittman, Online Marketing Experts | Word of Mouth CPR, LLC
Wondering how to grow your business… 410-978-8555